Is there anything  you like more than discovering new places and do not miss out? Exactly, neither do we!

DISCOVERIN is, more than a platform for explorers, a way of life for those of us who do not like to sit still and miss things out.

The objective of DISCOVERIN is to help you find the most interesting events and activities in a city, according to YOU and YOUR tastes and preferences.

DISCOVERIN will help you avoid all these occasions when you have to spend hours searching for the best places, activities, events and attractions in any city in the world. 

If, on the other hand, you are one of those who get up late and spend your days off doing nothing, do not worry  you are in the right place to change this.

Explorers, are you ready?

How does DISCOVERIN work?


Your time is very valuable and we want you to enjoy yours to the fullest.

We have created categories so you can find exactly what you are looking for:

  • Select the date and the city you want to discover.
  • Select your category of activities and preferences that fit your mood the best.
  • Pack your bag and let’s go!

What are the benefits of creating my profile on DISCOVERIN?

You are unique and so are your preferences and tastes, that’s why we want to show you what we know you will like and nothing else.

With your DISCOVERIN account you can:

  • Find the best activities and experiences according to your preferences.
  • Save your favourite places and experiences!
  • Share with your friends the places and experiences you have visited and you recommend.


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Who is behind DISCOVERIN?

The answer is very simple: Restless explorers who enjoy small moments and like to visit unique and special places!
We are a young and dynamic team that enjoy a good coffee and a good terrace with friends; people who support small businesses and the places that need it most and who share the same values, and some explorers who enjoy a good yoga class in Hong Kong, a surf class in Santander or a concert in the best bar in Amsterdam.

As you can see, we are a group of people who are willing to share with you our entire list of places and activities and we are also great advocates of responsible and sustainable tourism. We want to promote social responsibility in the tourism sector, as well as invite our explorers to apply ethical and universal principles for responsible and sustainable development.

We are fans of unique things, both moments and things. We are always on the hunt for handmade things (and with a lot of love) in the smallest artisan shops and visiting the most special cafes, exhibitions and concerts. We are also addicted to nature in all its forms, and especially to doing sports outdoors! That is why we have added all possible activities for sporty explorers like us!

We are constantly incorporating new Tourism, Leisure and Culture businesses

Do you want to add new experiences into our directory?



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